Commercial solutions

Commercial solutions

New additions to the Daikin Split range

Small Capacity Wall Units for

the home

With looks to complement any room

in the house, the FTXS-K Series is a

small capacity wall unit with a sleek,

curved new design.

The range has been designed to suit

homes insulated to modern standards.

Better insulated homes are more

thermally efficient and require less

energy to heat or cool them.

As the small capacity wall range

now includes a 1.5kW model it

is possible to achieve optimum

comfort levels in smaller rooms

without over-sizing units. The series

achieves Energy Label rating of A/A

on all capacities. Energy saving can

be further improved using features

such as the Intelligent Eye, which

will detect occupants in a room and

adjust airflow accordingly, or if no

movement is detected will switch to

a set-back setting.

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