Commercial solutions

New Outdoor unit New iPad apps for

for Multi Series R22 replacement

The Multi system also features a new and Daikin City

outdoor unit: the 3MXS40 – a 4.0kW

Daikin UK has recently launched

unit, for use with three indoor units.

iPad apps for easy on-the-go access

This is a lower capacity addition to the

to Daikin City and Daikin UK’s R22

range and is perfectly suited to a two

replacement calculator. These apps

bedroom flat or apartment.

are available to be downloaded from

the App Store.

Indoor units can be selected from a

variety of fan coils ranging from the

new FTXS-K series wall unit through

to floor standing, or ceiling suspended

units for residential applications.

Matching the larger capacity MXS

The R22 replacement calculator

outdoor units with ducted units or

demonstrates the potential energy

roundflow cassettes allows better

and carbon savings that can be

flexibility for small commercial

achieved by replacing existing air


conditioning systems with the latest

models. Daikin City is an online

Intelligent control cuts virtual city, which demonstrates the

high street bank’s potential energy savings available

through Daikin’s integrated heat

energy consumption. recovery solutions.

Because retail environments are areas

of such intensive energy consumption,

Complete our quick quiz

any innovation that can reduce energy

on Daikin City and you

bills is to be welcomed – including could win £100 of Apple

control systems. read more. Vouchers



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