Heating and Renewables

Heating and Renewables

Your customers could

benefit from £1550

in funding

The Government’s Renewable Heat

Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme has been

extended until 1st October. So we at Daikin

UK have extended our £400 customer cash

back incentive and five year warranty

offer , offering even better value for those

wishing to enter the renewables revolution.

Social housing and

community funds

There is also great news for social housing

providers with a £10M fund being allocated

for social housing installations and a new

additional fund of £8M being announced

for community schemes.

Details and dates of these funding streams

are not available yet but interested groups

can register their interest on the EST

website now.

Contact the EST for more information on

0800 512 012 or www.energysavingtrust.org.uk

for all the details and rules about RHPP




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