Commercial solutions

Commercial solutions

From June Daikin UK will be introducing a host of new products

and improvements to its commercial solutions range.

Seasonal Sky Air three

phase units

Daikin will be launching its new Seasonal

Smart and Seasonal Classic in three phase next

month. Three phase was only available as part

of the Seasonal Smart range previously and so

we are delighted to be able to introduce it to

our Seasonal Classic range for the first time.

A 7.1 KW unit in the Seasonal Smart range

is also being launched. Please ask your sales

engineer for more information.

Return on investment


Daikin has developed a ‘return on investment’

calculator to support the new Sky Air Seasonal

range. This will tool allows you to evaluate the

initial capital cost and reduced running costs

to determine the payback period, compared

with your existing system. Your Sales Engineer

will be delighted to run some simulations for

you. Read more4

Addition to VRV fan coil range (FXAQ15P)

You ask and we deliver! Daikin’s ever popular VRV Wall mounted fan coil range is being

extended to include a 1.5 Kw size.



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