Preparing for the games

Air Purifier

A Daikin home air purifier utilises the very

latest technology to eliminate potentially

harmful agents from the air. It improves

indoor air quality and creates a healthier Choc Full of Daikin

environment in your home, all in near

silence. Daikin’s VRV-based Zeas refrigeration system

has been chosen for an unusual application at

As part of Daikin’s strive for continuous

a chocolate factory in Slough, owned by Town

improvement, its new air purifier - the

& Country Fine Foods.

MC70LB - has an enhanced performance

and stylish design.

The project is an unusual one because the

This new product offers unprecedented Zeas condensing units were connected to a

comfort and is super quiet operation. It is third party air handling unit rather than to the

easy to maintain, portable and requires no usual evaporator blower and/or display case.

installation. Read more4



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