Daikin Our World Domestic RHI

At Darren’s home, the new Daikin stand alone Domestic RHI - consultation

solar solution with twin coil inverted cylinder

for use with an auxiliary gas boiler was installed.

now open

The existing vented system was converted into On 20th September, the Government

an unvented mains pressurised system. launched its long awaited consultation

A key requirement for Darren was that the new on a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for

system components fitted into the existing domestic properties in England, Scotland

space available - the airing cupboard and the and Wales. Some of the key proposals are:

roof space.

• The indicative tariff range for air-to-

“Everything was supplied by Daikin, including water heat pumps is likely to be within

the two solar panels and mounting brackets, 6.9 - 11.5p/kWh and for solar thermal

the 250 litre hot water cylinder, the solar systems is 17.3p/kWh

controller and pump station, insulated solar • Tariffs to be paid to a householder for

pipework, expansion vessel and heat transfer 7 years

fluid, which means one line of technical

• Payments to be based on a calculation

support,” Darren explains.

of the expected heat requirement

Control of the system is also easy, with Daikin’s rather than metering although

user-friendly solar controller, which features a installations should be “meter ready”

back-lit graphical illuminated display. • Property to meet minimum energy

Installation took one and a half days. It took efficiency requirements based on a

four hours to install the panels and one day Green Deal Assessment

to replace the hot water cylinder and install • Tariffs aimed at householders in existing

and commission the remaining components properties, including those who have

internally. “The panels are providing excellent installed a system since 15 July 2009

performance,” Darren says. “In the six months • Scheme not initially open to new build

since it was installed, the solar system has properties or registered social landlords

operated for nearly 1,000 hours and generated

• Scheme planned to launch Summer

more than 2.4MWh of energy.”

2013 and will initially be managed

by Ofgem

Please read the consultation and send

us your comments so that we can

include them in the Daikin response. The

consultation closes on 7 December 2012.

Documents can be downloaded here 4



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