Bivalent system

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What is a bivalent system?

A bivalent system is one where there Daikin Altherma Low Temperature Split

are two heat sources available to and Monobloc heat pumps and High

provide space heating. For example, Temperature heat pumps can be used

a Daikin Altherma air‑to‑water heat as part of a bivalent alternative system,

pump and a conventional oil boiler. where the auxiliary heating source takes

over to provide heating demand on the

Bivalent systems are worth considering

coldest days.

when the heat loss of a building is higher

than the output of an air‑to‑water heat The auxiliary heat source must have a

pump alone. leaving water temperature setpoint below

that of the heat pump (less than 55ºC for

They are particularly useful in buildings

LT and less than 80ºC for HT).

when logistics or cost preclude the

installation of a second heat pump, or Daikin Altherma selection software has

where a relatively new boiler has been now been updated to allow bivalent

installed and it makes sense to retain it as a alternative systems to be considered.

back‑up for the coldest winter days. click here4for more information.



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