Good news for allergy sufferers and online tool to calculate running costs

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tool to


Good news running costs

for allergy sufferers In response to feedback from specifiers,

Daikin UK has launched an online tool

Approved by the British Allergy

that allows customers and end‑users to

Foundation and proven to reduce

calculate running costs of Sky Air systems

exposure to impurities in the air that

in typical applications.

can cause allergic reactions, Daikin’s

MC707 Air Purifier has been reduced The Running Cost Calculator gives running

to £125 for a limited time while costs for Daikin’s:

stocks last.

• Sky Air Seasonal Smart

Use of an Air Purifier can significantly

• Sky Air Seasonal Smart with energy

improve the quality of air in a room

saving options

because the Flash Streamer Technology

included in the Air Purifier can remove: • Sky Air Seasonal Smart with Daikin’s

self‑cleaning ceiling cassette

• 99.6% of allergen (dust, pollen, pet hair)

Results are then compared with two other

• 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

manufacturers. The resulting running costs

• 95% of odours and savings are displayed on screen and can

be downloaded as a PDF ‑ so installers can

Suitable for rooms up to 48m2, the

attach a copy to their quotes.

MC707 has automatic operation that will

adjust air‑flow to the level of cleaning The Running Cost Calculator is available on

by the air in the room. Controls are Daikin’s Seasonal Efficiency mini‑site. As well as

accessed by the remote or buttons on explaining the new SEER regulations, the site

the unit – although a child lock setting contains downloadable Fact Sheets, FAQ’s and

will disable button control on the unit. Range Overview leaflets, to allow customers to

Discreet and portable, Daikin’s Air Purifier understand the new legislation and the SEER

can be moved from room to room. ratings of Daikin equipment.



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