Strip and rebuild service

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Strip and rebuild service

Daikin UK is able to offer a solution to

site logistical problems with a ‘Strip and

Rebuild’ service.

As an alternative to crane hire and road

closures, Daikin UK offers a service to

strip your unit before delivering it to site

and arrange for it to be rebuilt at your

convenience. Improved

Councils advise applicants to allow up

to eight weeks processing time for road

spares bank

closure applications. When this is added

to site surveys from lifting companies July sees the introduction of the enhanced

and possible cancellation due to weather Daikin Spare Parts selection tool.

conditions, arranging a crane lift can be a

long and drawn out affair. Order spare parts direct from Daikin UK

through the Spares Parts Bank, where you

Daikin UK can have your unit stripped, can select parts, view availability, see your net

delivered and rebuilt at a time to suit you – buying price and order parts online 24 hours

simplifying the process and saving money.

a day, 365 days a year. You will also receive

For more details and to complete the email notification prior to goods dispatch ‑ all

enquiry form click here4 with free delivery.



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