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to June’s Our World

at Daikin uK we value our relationship In addition, to honour those who fought

with our customers extremely highly. and died in the First World War, Daikin

is proud to offer financial support to

Our D1+ Partners have recently spent the

the Memorial Garden Flanders Fields

day as our guests at Silverstone, where we


reiterated and extended our commitment

to how we can help drive their businesses A symbol of hope and of a better future for

forward. all, the creation of the memorial garden is

an initiative by the Guards Museum and is

Senior Daikin UK colleagues explained

supported by Flanders House in London.

how we are able to support them in

The garden will be located at Wellington

serving their customers and winning more

Barracks alongside the Guards Chapel

business. Also Mark Dyer, Sales Director,

which is adjacent to Buckingham Palace.

spoke about our commitment to helping

read more4

them maximise profits in a price driven

market and how we can help increase win We hope you enjoy the magazine.

rates without compromising on standards.

Peter Verkempynck

For further details of the D1+ conference Managing Director

refer to page 12. Daikin UK



  1. Daikin Our World issue 18
  2. Welcome to June's Our World
  3. Daikin Our World issue 18
  4. Cool Approach to new R22 Replacement
  5. VRV - Scale up your expectations
  6. New VAM and Zeas refrigeration ranges
  7. Fully Flat Cassette and L8 Series
  8. Higher RHPP grants
  9. Housing partnership installs its 1000th Daikin Altherma Heat Pump
  10. Housing partnership installs its 1000th Daikin Altherma Heat Pump
  11. Strip and rebuild service
  12. Silverstone conference: a huge success

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