New VAM and Zeas refrigeration ranges

Commercial solutions

New VAM range

Daikin has launched a new range of Heat

Recovery Ventilation systems offering increased

performance and simpler, more cost effective


The key features of the new system are:

AC fan motors replaced by EC motors for

reduced power consumption

Optional CO2 sensor for improved automatic

control of indoor air quality

Optional dust filters to improve air quality

Simple balancing of supply and extract air

with a reduced requirement for dampers

45 Fan settings (15 per fan speed)

New Zeas

Improved airflow through the unit means

smaller VAM units can be used reducing costs


Night time free cooling added as standard range

Daikin’s range of ZEAS condensing

By altering the fan settings the VAM unit can be units has been updated to offer very

tailored to give the correct balance between supply high levels of energy efficiency for

and return airflows, reducing the need for dampers, both cooling and freezing applications

and overcoming additional static pressure in a single in single, compact units.

duct without the need to increase the size of the VAM.

The ZEAS B‑Series condensing units

Controlling via a CO2 sensor allows indoor air quality replace the original A‑Series range. While

to be maintained without additional costs of running two different units were needed to supply

fans at their highest power throughout periods of either cooling or freezing temperatures

occupancy. The CO2 sensor alters the fan speed as with the A‑Series, individual B‑Series units

necessary, additionally reducing the load on the air can cover the full temperature range. Set

conditioning system. up is easy, with the required temperature

Additional information is available by contacting your range (cooling or freezing) being selected

local sales engineer or your local Daikin branch4 during commissioning. read more4



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