Daikin Our World Issue 19

Our World

Issue nineteen September 2013

fancy a tRip to


witH ouR new

exclusive pRomotion?

Domestic RHi taRiffs


spaRe paRts Bank

oRDeR 24/7, witH fRee DeliveRy

win £100

of aPPLE


cLicK hErE

A world of innovAtion in cooling, heAting And refrigerAtion


  1. Daikin Our World Issue 19
  2. Welcome to Our World
  3. Contents page
  4. Sky Air and FFC
  5. Sky Air Promotion
  6. RTD-20 controls maximise energy efficiency in retail environments
  7. VRV IV evolution and VAM-FB
  8. Domestic RHI tariffs announced
  9. Dean House Farm case study
  10. D1 Installer rewards and monthly statements go digital
  11. Spare parts bank and Daikin apps
  12. Events

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