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Focus on: Sky Air

The complete Sky Air range 4

Net 30 Sky Air for a trip to Brazil 5

Commercial solutions

Control systems for retail 6

New additions to the VRV IV range 7

CO2 sensor for VAM 7

Heating solutions

RHI tariffs 8

Improved small Monobloc 8

Daikin Altherma HT slashes energy bills for off gas home 9

Service updates

Become a D1 Installer and statements go digital 10

Spare Parts Bank 11

Daikin Apps 11

Events 12

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  1. Daikin Our World Issue 19
  2. Welcome to Our World
  3. Contents page
  4. Sky Air and FFC
  5. Sky Air Promotion
  6. RTD-20 controls maximise energy efficiency in retail environments
  7. VRV IV evolution and VAM-FB
  8. Domestic RHI tariffs announced
  9. Dean House Farm case study
  10. D1 Installer rewards and monthly statements go digital
  11. Spare parts bank and Daikin apps
  12. Events

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