Dean House Farm case study

Heating solutions

Daikin Altherma HT heat

pump delivers huge savings

for off gas home

A Daikin Altherma High Temperature heat water. They chose a Daikin Altherma High

pump installed in a Sussex farmhouse has Temperature air‑to‑water heat pump, installed

slashed the owners’ heating bills. by Worthing‑based D1 installer Sun and Air

Limited, because water is supplied at flow

Dean House Farm is home to the Malik family.

temperatures of up to 80ºC, so there was no

Built in the 1850s near Hassocks, in West

need to replace radiators. A Daikin unvented

Sussex, the five bedroom detached farmhouse

hot water cylinder supplies mains pressure hot

is off the gas network, with heating and hot

water to the bathrooms.

water previously supplied by an oil‑fired boiler.

The new system is estimated to reduce

However, the rising cost of oil, delivery

annual running costs by £800 and the Malik

problems in winter, along with the smell and

family was also able to take advantage of the

noise of the boiler – which sounded like a

Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme,

“rocket launcher” – led the family to look for a

receiving a one‑off payment of at least £500*.

replacement system.

read more4

The Malik family wanted to use renewable *The grant for air‑to‑water heat pumps increased to £1,300

energy to provide the heating and hot from 20th May 2013.



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