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five new ways with vrv - Most industry professionals know about

Daikin’s heat pump and heat recovery range of VRV equipment. But did you

know that VRV systems are capable of even more?

Take a look at five new ways to apply VRV:

1. Standard and Hi-COP versions of Daikin’s heat pump and heat recovery systems can

connect to hot water modules and air curtains to create even greater energy savings.

2. The Heat Recovery range can also be used for high sensible applications and where

leaving air needs to be controlled at higher than normal temperatures.

3. Our water cooled range of VRV systems can be used with geothermal ground loops

for incredible energy efficient applications with double heat recovery possibilities.

4. In 2011 we also have available a range of heating-only VRV systems from 25 to 170kW

for those larger applications that require renewable individual room controlled heating.

5. If you’re looking for stylish fan coil units, the award-winning range of emura wall

mounted and nexura floor standing units can now be connected in combination

with standard VRV fan coils to the Heat Pump VRV systems.

environmental excellence for tesco


Situated in the heart of London, Retail giant

Tesco turned to Daikin UK to ensure that its newly

developed Tesco Homeplus store in Preston,

Lancashire, would provide an environment that

offers the utmost in shopper and staff comfort,

while helping to minimise its carbon emissions.

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Zeas rises to the challenge in a


Daikin Zeas was chosen to provide cooling to

a freezer room at the headquarters of a bakery,

where the baked goods will be cooled down and

stored. read a client Q&A on the project



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