Daikin Our World June 11 refrigerant comparison

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Carbon Dioxide and R410A:

A comparison of refrigerants

The choice of gas used within a

refrigeration system is crucial to its ability

to satisfy the increasingly challenging

demands of the market. The refrigerant

is the life-blood of a system and deciding

which one to use will determine much

about the system’s ability to satisfy

the practical needs of the end-user

as well as the obligations of reducing

environmental impact. Robert Firmin,

Daikin’s UK Refrigeration Sales Engineer,

investigates the relative merits of two

alternatives in particular.

Carbon dioxide (R744) has been used

for decades as a refrigerant and has

achieved somewhat of a renaissance

in the industry recently.

Perhaps the most attractive characteristic

of carbon dioxide is that it has the lowest

global warming potential (GWP) of

any refrigerant currently available. It is

thousands of times less damaging than

traditional CFC based refrigerants and

hundreds of times better than modern

HFC based refrigerants.

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