Introduction by Peter Verkempynck


to our world in


we recognise that 2010 was a It’s all part of our mission to take care

challenging period for many of your comfort, our world. And you

businesses and that only can be assured that, as a market

modest economic growth is leader, we will continue to provide you

anticipated during 2011. with industry leading innovation and

reliability, in order to help you stay

Our aim for the forthcoming year is ahead of the competition.

to provide you with greater design

flexibility, a solution that offers the I would like to thank you for your

best value for money and a business continued support and look forward

partner that will support your to working with you during 2011.

company’s growth.

Therefore, despite significant Peter verkempynck

increases in raw material costs, we

are very pleased to confirm that we Managing Director

have maintained current trade prices Daikin UK

throughout the product range from

1st May 2011.



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