Heating news

showrooms with daikin Altherma

are cashing in!

daikin uK is running a cash back Inskip. You can also visit daikin

incentive for customers as part of heating for more information,

the ‘see before you buy’ campaign to or download the full terms and

support installers displaying Daikin conditions now.

Altherma in their showrooms.

Now due to the success of the

promotion, Daikin UK has decided

to extend the campaign so that

more installers can take part in the


If you have a showroom and would

like to offer your customers this cash

back incentive, please email natalie

daikin At home with

sarah Beeny

In “At Home, renovate your home

with Sarah Beeny”, Daikin UK

explains how you can enjoy a heating

system that’s has reduced running

costs both cheap to run and has low

environmental impact, whilst also

providing luxurious features such

as optional cooling and underfloor


read the full feature



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