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it has been an interesting and be launched in Autumn 2012. We look

fast paced month for the heating forward to this being confirmed in the

and air conditioning industry, near future. Read More

with July seeing the long-awaited

announcement of the renewable Looking forward to later this month, Daikin

heat premium payment scheme, UK will be launching the Daikin Altherma

part of the renewable heat Flex Type heat pump for commercial

developments to the UK market.


We are sure this new product, which

Although grants for the installation of

is ideal for buildings not traditionally

renewable heat technologies are only

suitable for heat pumps, will be a hugely

available for homes in areas that are off

successful addition to our product

the gas grid, the inclusion of air-to-water

portfolio. Read More

heat pumps is an endorsement of their

energy and carbon saving potential. It

is a demonstration of the Government’s

confidence in the proven performance of

this technology.

peter verkempynck

Managing Director

Given this confidence, the next logical

step is to include air-to-water heat pumps Daikin UK

as part of the wider Renewable Heat

Incentive tariff scheme, which is due to



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