Daikin UK air conditioning


daikin’s Zeas refrigeration

system used for hospital


Installer Martin Klix was so impressed

with the Zeas refrigeration system from

Daikin that he had no hesitation in

specifying it for a hospital kitchen project

he was working on.

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versatile climate control

system meets the challenge

at thistle hotel

Situated in the heart of London,

the Edwardian style Thistle Hotel in

Bloomsbury is one of the city’s most

prominent hotels. As part of a major

renovation, the latest in climate control

technology from Daikin UK was


As the hotel was to remain operational

throughout installation, the system had

to be installed with the least possible

disruption to guests, meaning that it

had to be capable of being fitted floor

by floor.

Also as not all rooms were large

enough for ceiling concealed fittings,

the system had to be versatile enough

to work in conjunction with wall and

ducted units. read More



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