Daikin Our World Magazine, heating and renewables

gloucestershire housing complete our

association puts cfsh fun quiz for

level four into action

To achieve Level Four of the Code

the chance to

for Sustainable Homes house

builders must reduce carbon

win £100 Apple

emissions by 44% compared to

Part L 2006. For social housing


providers, not only is it vital to meet

This month’s edition of Our World

this standard but they must also

look at ways to reduce fuel poverty contains a special feature on Daikin

amongst their customers. Any Altherma Flex Type heat pump for

reduction in heating and hot water commercial buildings. Complete our

energy consumption will help with quick quiz based on our Flex Type

both of these aims. Gloucestershire special feature and you could win

housing provider, Two Rivers £100 of Apple Vouchers.

Housing used Daikin Altherma

air-to-water heat pumps to help

take the quiz

achieve this higher standard.

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